Builders Cabinet Info

Builders get the best  deal on cabinets, right?  They buy a lot of cabinets so they must get good deals from purchasing in bulk, right?   Wrong!    Learn how most builders get their cabinetry done and how terrible the cabinets  are in general. 


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How We Build Cabinets

Twenty five years ago we saw the internet age dawning and knew what that meant. 

Your reputation, good or bad, would be easy to learn so you better make the best cabinets possible and give good service and good product.  A cabinetmaker better learn to listen to customers well.

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How to Get a Quote

We will need some basic information about the layout of the cabinets, wall lengths, where critical things like windows, wiring or gas pipes for stoves are located, and some idea of how you want the doors and drawers laid out.   Pictures help and appliance sizes might be needed.


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Door Construction and Options

 How we make cabinet doors and why we make them that way.  Learn about the different materials and methods and why some are good and some are ticking time bombs for your home

 See what door profiles are available if you are wanting to match existing cabinetry in your home.

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Finishing Cabinets

Learn how we finish our cabinets and about the different stains, colored paints, sealers, and top coats.

Learn why cabinets painted on site are almost always poorly done by house painters instead of cabinet finishing experts.

Learn the different options for glazing, distressing, and color options.

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If you are looking for Oklahoma City’s best cabinetmaker you found us!   We use the most modern processes and materials with yesterday’s craftsmanship.  We are one of the few OKC cabinet maker that uses the European frameless full access system.