How We Build Cabinets

We are more of a manufacturer than a custom wood shop as we produce our type of European construction cabinets but they can be easily customized during the process.  Look through our galleries to see if your cabinet needs are similar to some of our past jobs  or send us pictures of what you are considering.  We are very good at what we do but the massive overhead required means we are limited on the work we can accept.

Old World Gallery

Old World Cabinets are designed to mimic the old world look of the English and European manor houses which were almost always added to in succeeding generations.  The result is a bit of variation in size and height as the different generations of craftsmen left their mark on the cabinet set.They basically added on to the cabinets as the need intersected with the extra money.

Traditional Vanity with Towers and Arched Valance

Traditional cabinets are going to bridge the gap between Old World cabinets that are fairly ornate and Modern which are fairly sparse and focus on minimalism.  Traditional is always the safest bet when it comes to preserving resale value.

Contemporary Gallery

Contemporary or Modern cabinets can be the most expensive cabinets in the line up because premium material must be used and near perfection craftsmanship is required as there is nothing to distract the eye from flaws.  Few shops are will to try to build them and fewer can do a good job building them but we are set up with the right equipment and skills.

Builders Cabinets?  Pretty much the Cheapest Cabinets Available

I was giving a pitch to a home builder that had wandered into our showroom looking for cabinets.  I was talking about the quality materials and warranty we build into our cabinets when he stopped me and said “If I can build them $100.00 cheaper that is $100.00 in my pocket and they only have to last one year and it is no longer my problem.”  That is pretty much the predominant mind set and the cabinets in most pre built homes reflect that.


Door Design Options

Making cabinet doors properly takes expensive equipment and tooling.  Because of that most shops will outsource their door production so the owner can drive a nice truck.  But if the doors are going to last and if a customer wants the surety of being able to replace a broken door or to add onto the existing cabinet set down the road you need a shop that actually makes their own doors.


Avonite New Cauldron solid surface countertop


Countertops are work surfaces first and gorgeous second and the biggest mistakes made in a new kitchen will usually be the wrong countertop materials chosen for the use the kitchen is going to be subjected to.   If take out and pizza deliveries are the mainstay of a household you can pick a gorgeous countertop material as it will hold up just fine.  But if you are actually going to use the countertop for working and cooking you need to choose wisely and think durable before looks.


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