Getting a Quote or Estimate

The estimate process starts with the customer taking rough measurements of their kitchen and obtaining kitchen appliance specifications.  Start from one corner or one side if it is a galley kitchen and give all measurements from that reference point.  Measure to both sides of the window if there is a window located in that wall and be sure and label that measurement as to the trim or to the window so we keep the cabinets back far enough. Measure to the bottom and top of the window or window trim and the height of the ceiling.  If there is a break in the line of cabinets like a



How to get a Quote

  • We will need some rough measurements
  • Appliance specs for doing drawings
  • To know what kind of cabinets you want
  • To get you by our showroom to make sure you want the kind of cabinets we make

doorway skip to the other side and measure from the door trim to the end of the cabinets or the corner if that is the case.

If you have an island we need to know the total width and depth of the room so we are sure that you have room for an island.  If you are keeping major appliances like fridge and stove in the same foot print please give us measurements to both sides of the appliances.  It is good to give overall lengths as well so we can total up the measurements and do a double check on the math and measurements.

Your measurements don’t need to be perfect; we will make a site visit to verify all measurements before we build anything.

Appliances will be standard on things like dishwashers and most stoves but it doesn’t hurt to find the specification sheets, they are usually on the same shopping cart where you are researching the item or just Google the model number and brand and one of the full service appliance companies will have the install and spec sheets available.




If you want to match a certain look and have pictures send us the pictures and measurements in advance but be sure that each picture is clearly labeled and tell us what you like or dislike about the picture so we don’t get confused.

Oklahoma City is a competitive cabinetmaker market so we work hard to find out what a customer wants. If not, the customer is going to find an OKC cabinet shop that will do what they are wanting.  There is a fine line between doing what the customer wants and doing what they really need.

A visit to our Oklahoma City cabinet showroom is the next step as you are ready to talk to a cabinetmaker.  We go over the details and you get to see actual full size kitchens that we make and ask any questions you might have.  At that point you will be two to three days away from having a quotation on the work.

Once you approve the quote we make preliminary drawings to send you and schedule the first site visit to verify measurements and look for any conflicts or problems between the design and the site conditions.  At that point you can put down a deposit or wait till you are ready to get started.




The initial deposit is half of the unfinished cabinets and 100% of any specialty items like Rev a Shelf organizers, soft close features, carvings, or special trim.  Generally it takes a couple of days to order in the materials and specialty hardware items and about a week to build the average unfinished kitchen.  Once the cabinets are ready for finishing all the cabinets are laid out on their backs, in order to match the drawings, with drawer fronts and doors and end panels set in place so you have a chance to inspect and verify the look is what you intended.  At that point you pay the other half of the unfinished cabinets and the cabinets are sent into the finishing area.  If we are doing the countertop this is the best time to pay the deposit on the countertop so we have the materials ordered and received while we are in the shop finishing.

Usually a week is enough to finish a set of standard kitchen cabinets and assemble, meaning we install the backs, drawer slides, hang the drawers, hang the doors, and install the end panels that can be pre installed.  The cabinets are set upright on their feet, in order like on the drawings, and you make a final finishing inspection before the cabinets are delivered and installed.  You pay the finishing charges after the finishing inspection.


Delivery can happen the next day or when you are ready for the cabinets.   We have plenty of room to store completed kitchens so we prefer to be ready in advance so we don’t hold up progress on your job site.   The cabinets are delivered and stacked onsite then the next day the installation beings and usually takes three days for a standard sized kitchen.  After installation is completed and you have inspected the work you pay the installation charges.

A wooden template is made of the countertop at that point.  The countertop generally takes one work day per sheet of materials, two to three days for most standard sized kitchens.  The countertop is installed and you get to inspect before the final payment is paid on the countertop.


From start to finish a regular sized kitchen can be completed in less than a month.  If you are remodeling and have existing cabinets we will schedule the demolition with your contractor or we can give you some names for good contractors if you need someone to do the demo and other onsite work.  We don’t make any sort of commission from their work but it is nice working behind contractors that we know are dependable and in turn they will do a better job as their future referrals are on the line with us.  One of the things that we insist on is that the contractor completes your job before starting another job.

We are cabinetmakers, not salesmen selling what is in the warehouse or on the way from China in a shipping container.


We work hard at keeping our place as Oklahoma City’s best cabinet shop.   The OKC cabinetmaker market is competitive but a customer has to do their research to find the right cabinet shop for your project.  Remember that we do solid surface countertops with all the popular brands like Corian, Hi Macs, Avonite, Livingstone,  Array, Samsung, and many other brands.