November 2021 Supply shortage notice: The metal side drawer system we use on these Okies is in short supply and has tripled in price in the last year.  Until further notice a surcharge of $20.00 for each 3.25″ tall drawer slide side and a $35.00 surcharge for each deeper ones (6″ to 8″) is in effect.  This doesn’t affect sink bases as there are no drawers.  This is caused by the steel shortage and port congestion.


How much?

Sample Kitchen Pricing

Every kitchen is different of course but these sample kitchens will give you an idea of the cost of an average kitchen.

Once you have your measurements and layout of the walls, doors, windows, and appliance center lines (they can usually move a foot or more with no problem) you can start laying out your new kitchen plan.  It is best to drop a sink cabinet in first, centered on a window, then any corner cabinets or big cabinets like pantries or fridge cabinets.



Then fill in around these larger, more fixed cabinets. Fillers can be added against walls, around sinks and corner cabinets, anywhere really so you can close up gaps and stay within the stock sizes.

Sometimes it takes using  different sized cabinets, say a 26″ then a 27″ right next to it.

The trash can cabinets come in handy too at times as they come in 13.5″, 16.5″, and 19.5″ sizes.  We have some hood flanking cabinets that are shortened down by 3/4″ to allow for an end panel and still get things to line up reasonably.

A Galley Kitchen, Sink Side

Two roughly 144″ or 12′ galley kitchen sets.

The picture is quite small but the elevations are shown in the next two sections. There is a window and two finished end panels on each wall set so there will be a bit of offset between top and bottom cabinets.


A filler could be used next to the dishwasher to help on one side.

On the base there is one 26″ basic cabinet, $173.94, one 27″ basic cabinet $177.12, one 36″ sink cabinet $180.25, and one 29″ drawer base $217.35 and two end panels @ $40.00 for a total of $798.66

Galley Kitchen Sink Side Elevation

On top we have one 26″ basic upper $107.78, one 27″ basic upper $110.24, one 24″ upper $102.85, and one 29″ basic upper $115.17, and four 12.75″ x 31.75″ upper end panels @ $40.00 each for a total of $596.04

Together, $1394.70 or $116.22 per linear foot. If you change those MDF slab doors and drawer fronts to maple, add $917.35 for a total of $2312.05 or $192.67 per linear foot.


Galley Kitchen Stove Side Elevation

On the stove side we have one 13.5″ trash can cabinet $89.79, two 27″ basic cabinets @ $177.12 each, and one base end panel $40.00 for a total of $583.82

Next is the fridge cabinet, one 37″ x 12.875″ upper $103.68 and two 24.75″ x 86.375″ end panels, $160.00 for both.  Total is $263.68.

Next is a 13″ upper cabinet $65.41, two 27″ uppers at $110.24 each, and three upper end panels at $20.00  for a total of $345.89.

The total is $1193.39 for the MDF slab door version or  $99.45 per linear foot.  If you change to the maple version add $855.14 or $170.71 per linear foot.

The stove won’t be perfectly centered with the open space above for a metal vent hood because of the required upper cabinet widths. 


Galley Kitchen Both Sides Price

If they are within an inch or so most people will never notice they are offset just a bit.  There is only three quarters of an inch that is short on the left side, close enough for most people.

On the stove side the MDF slab door version is $1193.39 plus the total for the sink side of $1394.70 for a total of $ 2588.09 or $107.84 per linear foot.

Upgrading to maple we have $855.14 on the stove side and $917.35 on the sink side for a total of $1772.49 for the upgrade.

Together, $4360.58 or $181.69 per linear foot for a maple exterior 24′ long set of cabinets.  Finishing and installation need added as well, around $1000.00 for installation in the OKC Metro area.  Finishing depends on what kind of finish.  The MDF version already has a white sealer coat applied and is ready for lacquer paint.

We need some toe kicks, two 96″ pieces will do, and three 96″ long crown bases, paint grade popular is $232.80 for all five pieces or stain grade maple is $247.80.  Add three pieces of hang rail for $60.00. If you want a solid surface countertop add $1620.00 for either of the two lower price level colors plus a $275.00 sink.

10′ x 10′ L Shaped Kitchen Floor Plan

The typical ten by ten sample kitchen used by most kitchen cabinet sellers.  Why? Because it is compact with a lot of appliances per linear foot and it keeps the cost of the sample kitchen lower than it would be normally so it makes them look affordable.

That said, it is a pretty typical kitchen, within five to ten feet in size so the example has value for estimating.

There is a wall on the left side and the right end is open so that end has finished end panels.


10′ x 10′ L Kitchen Sink Side

There is a 24″ upper corner cabinet ($130.44), a 35″ basic upper ($129.97), and a 24″ basic upper ($102.85) to the right of the window.  And three 12″ x 31.75″ upper end panels.

Below there is a 36″ corner cabinet ($202.37), one 23″ basic base cabinet ($154.00), a 36″ sink cabinet ($180.25), and a space for a dishwasher.  In the real world the window placement and available upper cabinet width means a filler will need to be used to the right of the corner cabinet.  Prices are below for the entire kitchen.


10′ x 10′ L Shaped Kitchen Stove Side

There is a 36″ x 24″ deep fridge cabinet ($103.68), a 14″ basic upper ($67.87), a 30″ vent hood ($117.69), a 12″ basic upper ($62.64), two 12.75″ x 31.75″ upper cabinet end panels, one 34.5″ x 24.75″ base end panel, and one 86.375″ x 24.75″ fridge panel.

 The base has one 14″ basic cabinet and space for a 30″ stove with 3/4″ space on either side of the stove for fillers due to the end panels on the hood vent cabinets.

The left side of the upper fridge cabinet needs a one inch filler up the front and down the bottom side of the upper cabinet.

The filler to the right of the fridge adds one inch to the 36″ cabinet opening, giving you a standard 37″ fridge opening.  Fridges need checked for the amount of door crank, how much the door projects to the side when opened so you know the fridge will work in a 37″ hole against a wall.  If there is no wall or if you have 4″ extra space use a 4″ filler (toe kick) to create the room needed to open the fridge door

10′ x 10′ L Kitchen Price Both Sides

The upper cabinets for this set, both sides, cost $815.00 including the end panels.  The base cabinets cost $782.21, both figures are for the MDF slab doors.  Total cost is $1597.21.

Upgrading to stain grade maple five part doors puts us at $1024.56 added to the job.

Add one 96″ x 1″ filler, one 96″ toe kick, three crown bases, and two hang rails and you are at $216.00 in paint grade and $$226.00 in stain grade maple. Finishing and installation need added as well, around $1000.00 for installation in the OKC Metro area.  Finishing depends on what kind of finish.  The MDF version already has a white sealer coat applied and is ready for lacquer paint.

If a solid surface countertop is desired one sheet will just barely make it, super tight on material, any scrap left over would be minuscule.   Figure 30 square feet, $34.00 to $36.00 per square foot or $1020.00 to $1080.00 plus $275.00 for a kitchen sink.

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