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 Man Cave Cabinets!

Note:  The Okie cabinets have been priced out of the market since Covid hit and materials skyrocketed along with hardware prices.  The prices below are  way out of date and the Okies are unavailable until further notice.

This was a recent job that used the slab door Okie cabinets painted black with a pre cat clear coat.

These are the basic Okie cabinet, MDF carcass, metal drawer sides with 3/4″ thick MDF drawer bottoms and backs, slab MDF doors, slab drawer fronts, hardwood cabinet rails, and plain MDF end panels.

The kitchen is to be used during a temporary residence while the family is building a very nice house on the same property and afterward as a place for hired hands to stay or eat lunch.

A tough cabinet was needed for the expected abuse from employees yet the shop owner still wanted them to look nice.  He installed concrete countertops that he made on site and used concrete stain on the floors to finish them off.  The building was one of the better metal buildings I have seen in years, everything was level, flat, and square and the metal trim on the interior and exterior of the building was excellent.





The walls were covered with the standing seam type metal panels and 2 x 6 blocking was installed behind the plywood panels used in the kitchen that will later be covered with tile backsplash.  Originally the fridge was located on the right end of the kitchen by the door but the customer was flexible and we wound up moving the fridge out to the left of the sink to make a more accessible corner cabinet and more room around the stove while cooking.  These foam insulated metal buildings are very energy efficient, it was quite cold yet you had to remove even a light jacket while working, with zero heat in the building, warmed by the worker’s exertion and body temperatures.






This job was a natural for the Okie cabinets.  The stock sizes fit well with nearly no fillers other than a few to make the unusual dishwasher next to the stove arrangement work.  We wound up installing a 28″ polymer double shelf lazy susan in the corner which will give the kitchen plenty of storage for short term residential use and for use as a shop kitchen/employee break room in the future. 

Using custom cabinets in this space would have gained a small amount of storage but at the cost of increasing the cost by at least 50% so the Okies were a good fit for this job. 

The cost sheet for this set is below.  This was a fully finished set of cabinets, a 30% up-charge on the basic Okie cabinets in place of the primer coat.  That gets you a primer coat,  a second paint coat, then a clear coat.  The black color is one of our our standard Okie colors so no additional charge for going black instead of white paint.  coat.