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 18′ of Bookcases

This was a recent job that installed 18′ of custom bookcases along a wall.

These are MDF carcasses, with five part doors.   The trim and toe kicks are sold paint grade maple.  The center section is 24″ deep and next sections both right and left step back about 4″.  The end panels on the center section is 4″ thick with applied molding in two rectangular sections.

The lower section has adjustable shelves for audio visual equipment.

The middle sections are 20″ deep with lower doors and fixed upper shelves because the customer didn’t want to see the adjustable system holes for adjustable shelves.

The two end sections are 18″ deep with fixed shelves.  There are 1″ fillers against the walls to allow for trimming for out of level walls.





The wall on this project was a mess, huge bow  from one end of the wall to the other with the wall bowing out or back.  The floor was up to 5/8″ out of level so much so that we had to drop the center section to the stained concrete floor and use fillers under the crown molding.  But it looks good once installed and the average person won’t notice the fillers under the crown molding

The crown molding jogs out  with the cabinets when they change depths and the two middle section 4″ wide end panels jog out too and the crown jogs along with the end panels.






This set was paint grade so we used MDF, heavy but stiff and strong.  It paints well and has no grain showing like a birch plywood would have.  The countertop is also MDF.  A large flat screen goes in the blank center section.

$3940.00 for the unfinished cabinets,

$1182.00 for a white paint finish

$925.00 to deliver and install in the OKC metro area. 

Total delivered and installed, $6047.00