November 2021 Supply shortage notice: The metal side drawer system we use on these Okies is in short supply and has tripled in price in the last year.  Until further notice a surcharge of $20.00 for each 3.25″ tall drawer slide side and a $35.00 surcharge for each deeper ones (6″ to 8″) is in effect.  This doesn’t affect sink bases as there are no drawers.  This is caused by the steel shortage and port congestion.


How much?  Look for the pricing chart below

White 7′ Galley showroom kitchen

This would work well in a tiny house or apartment or in a laundry room.

These are the basic Okie cabinet, MDF carcass, metal drawer sides with 3/4″ thick MDF drawer bottoms and backs, five part doors, slab fronts, hardwood cabinet rails, and plain end panels.

There is one 30″ sink cabinet, one 27″ basic lower cabinet, one 61″ x 24″ wide broom closet,  one 24″ wide broom closet upper cabinet, and one 27″ basic upper cabinet.  It has one standard base end panel, one standard upper end panel, and one 84″ tall pantry end panel.

The room closet has about 60″ of clear height which allows a small shelf at the top for vacuum cleaner bags or other cleaning supplies and still get most household brooms and mops stored.


How much?

Inexpensive doesn’t mean cheap

The carcasses of these cabinets are the same quality as our custom cabinets.

They have the same top quality hang rail system, cabinet leg system, and assembly methods.

They do have MDF stile and rail doors and MDF slab drawer fronts instead of the  maple or popular hardwood rails, stiles, and drawer fronts on the more expensive custom build cabinets.  That matters during production, finishing, and installation as it isn’t good to drop one of these MDF doors or drawer fronts as they will dent.  Then again, hardwood will do the same, just to a lesser degree.

The less expensive material keeps the costs down and once installed the MDF is going to last a long time and isn’t likely to  be damaged as long as you keep the kitchen as dry as a normal home should be.  If there is a flood, well these would be just as gone as a hardwood drawer front or door.


This set is expensive per linear foot because you have an expensive tall and deep broom closet dominating the small set.
They have the same amount of shelves as our custom sets.  Same hinges.   Same finishing process.
Where we save money is in processing the cabinet parts in our Philippines shop, cutting parts to size, edgebanding, doing some of the drilling, and doing some of the finishing.  We would love to  do all of this here in the U.S. but a loaded shop hour (wages, taxes, overhead, etc.) runs $50.00 per hour in the U.S. and around $3.00 per hour overseas.  Container shipping adds around $60.00 to a small kitchen so being able to produce parts overseas really saves customers a lot of money.

  And the alternative for most people is to purchase really shoddy particle board cabinets thrown together locally or purchase Chinese made cabinets. The pricing chart below shows this set in the five part version like in the pictures on the left side and the simpler slab door version on the right side of the chart.  Making this set custom made in five part doors would cost about 10% more, not a huge savings but that is mostly because of the limited footage of cabinets.

Metal Drawer Side


We don’t leave a lot of money overseas.   The MDF available locally is either Chinese or Mexican imports, as is nearly all of the drawer slides and hinges, there aren’t any American made hardware choices in this price range. 
Nor is there much left overseas on the wages. Believe it or not, $1.00 per hour is good money for that country and you will have thousands of applicants for each job you create.  We  pay for two thirds of their version of Social Security so the workers have  a safety net and a retirement check and we furnish health insurance, vacation, and even an annual bonus equal to a month’s pay.  And lunch, as we have mostly family members on the payroll we spring for their lunch every day as well as dental work.

Having an inexpensive cabinet option for our customers prevents that many U.S. dollars flowing to China where prisoners and minorities can become living organ and tissue donors or wind up in concentration camps.

And the retail profits stay in the U.S. along with the finishing labor and installation labor.  Plus the customer has our company around to replace any parts that get damaged or scratched as the years go by.  So if you need an inexpensive cabinet option we got you covered and you can upgrade the doors and drawer fronts to hardwood if you like.  The sizes are limited to stock sizes and the drawers are the metal side drawer systems.   Customization is very limited as there simply isn’t much profit in selling cabinets at this price.