What are Okie’s?

An alternative to particle board junk…..

Not everyone can afford one of our custom kitchens and not everyone wants to use imported particle board cabinets like IKEA.  Okie’s helps fill that gap in the market.

The cabinets are not that different from our custom cabinets.  The same drawer slides, hinges, and materials are used and mostly the same construction methods and materials.  The savings come from having stock sizes only, a limited number of sizes that can be produced during slow times in the cabinet business, and a line of inexpensive MDF slab doors.

The line focuses on easy to produce cabinets and due to the limited cabinet size options, fillers are needed just like most pre-made cabinets on the market.  Yet even custom cabinets have to have fillers on the walls so it isn’t a big problem, just a bit of wasted space.

The doors are the easy to produce slab MDF type, or five part doors with the decorative bead around the inner perimeter and shapered edges, always.  No square edges, no shaker style square inner edge doors.

These cabinets are good fits for older homes with smaller kitchens that need a new kitchen but the neighborhood doesn’t warrant spending $10,000 on a kitchen.  The average 10′ x 10′ Okie’s kitchen is going to be under $5000.00 installed, not counting countertops, floors, and the other details.

Okie’s cabinets

  • limited in sizes and options
  • made to last despite the lower price
  • limited color options
  • great hardware, slides and hinges are top notch
  • MDF and solid wood only, no particle board!
  • traditional design, keep it simple please!
  • no melamine/plastic film exteriors are used

An average IKEA kitchen is going to run at least 30% more if professionally installed.

The quality compares with our custom cabinet lines but the ability to pre make components and stock pile finished parts keeps us busy during slow times.  The kitchens are designed to be fast to sell (few options makes fast decisions), fast to produce, and fast to finish and install.

 So you aren’t going to get those cabinets installed all the way to the ceiling and there are going to be fillers on occasion, but you get a much quicker turnaround time on a kitchen design, build, and installation and save a chunk of change while still being able to get replacement parts made even years down the road.   There is no road trip to Dallas either, hoping you don’t forget a part or anything is damaged, or worrying about an installation company on a short time schedule slopping the cabinets in place so they make a profit of the installation.  Head back to the main Okie’s page and keep reading  for more information on the sizes and styles available .     Return to Okie’s Main Page