November 2021 Supply shortage notice: The metal side drawer system we use on these Okies is in short supply and has tripled in price in the last year.  Until further notice a surcharge of $20.00 for each 3.25″ tall drawer slide side and a $35.00 surcharge for each deeper ones (6″ to 8″) is in effect.  This doesn’t affect sink bases as there are no drawers.  This is caused by the steel shortage and port congestion.


How much?  Look for the pricing chart below

Tan 10′ x 4′ L showroom kitchen

A small kitchen for a small home or apartment or cabin.

These are the basic Okie cabinet, MDF carcass, metal drawer sides with 3/4″ thick MDF drawer bottoms and backs, slab door fronts, hardwood cabinet rails, and plain end panels.

There is one 24″ bank of three drawers, one 36″ sink cabinet, one 36″ dubbed corner cabinet, and one 10″ basic cabinet, and two lower end panels.

The uppers are one 24″ basic upper with two end panels, one 36″ basic upper with one end panel on the left side, and another basic 24″ upper with one right side end panel.

The lazy susan is  polymer shelf lazy susan.  This one has just one shelf but normally a set has two shelves, we were using up a left over shelf and center post.  Lazy susans are accessory items, not included in the corner cabinet price.

The paint job is a basic inexpensive paint job, lower price level cabinets need a lower price level paint job.  Only the doors, drawer fronts, and end panels are painted, everything else is the wood grain melamine covered MDF..

36″ sink cabinet, space for a dishwasher

36″ dubbed corner cabinet with a one shelf polymer lazy susan.   Two shelves is standard, we were using up an odd shelf and post.

How can we produce  at this cost?

One of the things that saves money is using the 20″ x 3.25″ tall drawer sides. On the top drawer it is the same as the more expensive custom cabinets. On the bottom drawers the sides are much lower although we do have a source for a 6″ tall drawer.


An easy way to fix this is to purchase some simple plastic crates to put on each end.  That will allow you to stack pots and pans or plastic containers up pretty high.

Basic upper cabinets with plain end panels


Pictured version on the left column,  five part option is priced on the right side

The price per linear foot is very subjective to the size of the set and will vary widely.  The best method of pricing computation is to just look up each cabinet and see how it computes out.  This kitchen built custom  with five part doors would cost around $3200 so the savings is around $1100.00 or one third of the price savings.

This is the side of the corner cabinet showing the hardwood rails and screws used for assembly.

Inexpensive doesn’t mean cheap

We can sell these Okies at this price due to producing the parts overseas at our Philippines shop where the loaded shop rate is about fifteen times lower than our U.S. shop.  We pay good wages for the country, full social security system and retirement, health insurance, two week’s vacation, and an annual bonus equal to a month’s pay.  When you create a job you will have several thousand applicants as most of the workers in the country are employed on a temporary basis called Endo contracts where they might make a fraction of what we can pay.


The carcass of the cabinets are nearly identical to our custom made cabinets.  Same assembly methods, same finishing, using the pre cut parts means we can just assemble the cabinets and set the pre made doors and drawer fronts after they are painted.  The pre finished interior means only the exterior parts need painted.

Basic upper cabinets with plain end panels, same number of shelves as one of our custom built cabinets, with applied end panels where needed.  End panels are not included in the cabinet price, they are an accessory item and priced separately.

We would love to produce these here in the U.S. but that would be impossible at this price range and these cabinets are intended to compete with other imported cabinets like Ikea or the Chinese RTA cabinets (ready to assemble).  If you have a need for an inexpensive set of cabinets these are at least assembled, finished, and sold by an American company.