November 2021 Supply shortage notice: The metal side drawer system we use on these Okies is in short supply and has tripled in price in the last year.  Until further notice a surcharge of $20.00 for each 3.25″ tall drawer slide side and a $35.00 surcharge for each deeper ones (6″ to 8″) is in effect.  This doesn’t affect sink bases as there are no drawers.  This is caused by the steel shortage and port congestion.


How much?  Look for the pricing chart below

Stormy Grey Kitchen

This was a recent job that used the slab door Okie cabinets painted Stormy Grey.

These are the basic Okie cabinet, MDF carcass, metal drawer sides with 3/4″ thick MDF drawer bottoms and backs, slab MDF doors, slab drawer fronts, hardwood cabinet rails, and plain MDF end panels.

On the sink wall and the small return L wall, there is one 36″ sink cabinet, one 36″ corner cabinet cabinet, one 30″ bank of three drawers,  one 36″ x 12.75″ over the fridge cabinet, one 23″ wide basic upper cabinet, one 30″ x 12.875″ stove hood cabinet, one 14″ wide basic upper cabinet, one 24″ upper corner cabinet, one 12″ basic upper cabinet, and one 30″ basic upper cabinet. 

On another wall, under a staircase, there are two 24″ basic base cabinets, one 24″ bank of three drawers, and one 51.875″ x 24″ x 24″ pantry cabinet that sits on top the bank of drawers.

There are three base end panels, two on the L shaped set and one on the left end of the staircase set.  There are four 12.875″ x 31.75″ upper end panels, one on each end of the upper cabinets and two flanking the short hood cabinet.  One upper end panel was cut in two for the fridge upper cabinet and one large end panel was used to finish off the pantry cabinet. There are one long filler, three custom fillers made to fit this particular kitchen, and one extra base end panel trimmed down and faced with one of the custom fillers to cap off the end of the dishwasher opening where it butts up to the stove.  Two 8′ toe kicks are used to finish off the bottoms.



Slab Doors Can be a Good Choice

This set is going into a very nice barn/garage/shop building that the homeowners are building prior to building a very nice home.  The shop has a bedroom upstairs, a small living room and a dining room/kitchen that needed some cabinets.

The customer would now be able to live on site during construction and use the shop apartment for visitors or the occasional hired hand. Rather than put particle board cabinets in they spent a




little more for the well built Okie cabinets without breaking their budget.

At the same time the customer didn’t want fancy cabinets, this would be a shop after all, so something simple and easy to keep clean lead to the choice of the slab door style.


This kitchen spreads out a bit over 25 linear feet but when you pull the appliances out it is around 16 linear feet of cabinets.  Cabinets can be quoted two ways, a rule of thumb method usually used in customer cabinets that ignores the appliances and measures how spread out the kitchen is or individual boxes, end panels, and trim.   As nearly all kitchens are going to have the same size appliances you can estimate pretty accurately by measuring the backsplash lengths.

Okies are sold by the cabinet in stock sizes, with end panels and trim sold separately.  You will see some spaces between the cabinets, those are for fillers to make the stock cabinet sizes work with the unique window/wall layout.  In this case the short wall has room for 1.625″ wide fillers but the customer wound up just pushing the cabinets together and leaving the fillers out.  

Sinks need to be centered under windows so the job looks professional.  This called for about 5.75″ extra space so this was split in to two 2.875″ fillers, one set by the corner cabinet to get the door away from the stove so the door would open (stoves stick out several inches) and the other was split into two parts on either side of the dishwasher.

No doubt that custom cabinets fit better in nearly all cases but using fillers is certainly an inexpensive compromise.   Custom cabinets would have cost about 50% more in this case, around $1650.00 extra. The kitchen was small so the dishwasher had to go right up against the stove after we moved the fridge from the small wall on the right to open up the  countertop space.  We dealt with that but putting an end panel in to support the countertop and wall off the dishwasher from the stove.   The corner cabinet has one adjustable shelf as putting in a lazy susan would have been a bit overkill for a shop kitchen.


The cost sheet for this set is below.  It is separated into the L kitchen on the left and the under staircase set on the right.  Okies need a primer coat before they leave the shop, a 15% upcharge to the basic Okie prices on the website.  That ties the surfaces that need painting together  so they all will wind up the same color and texture and the primer protects the MDF during storage.  The MDF edges on the slab doors and MDF five part doors also soak up paint like mad and they look a lot more presentable after a sealer coat.  Some of the parts already have a primed surface but any new parts or any trimmed down parts need to be primed so we just paint the entire exterior.
This customer wanted a full paint charge, a 30% upcharge on the basic Okie cabinets in place of the primer coat.  That gets you a primer coat, which gets sanded, a second paint coat that also gets sanded, then a clear coat.  You will notice an upcharge of $100 which comes in if you want a custom color. Otherwise it is white lacquer sealer with a clear pre cat lacquer top coat.  If you are planning on just using the primer coat you can follow up with more lacquer of any color or an oil based primer and a couple of coats of the oil based enamel paint.