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Save some bucks, do your own design

I can guarantee you that no one knows more about the way you use a kitchen than you do.  On a custom kitchen job there is a budget for designing the cabinets and it does add to the finished job because a good cabinet maker or designer does this dozens of times a year.   A custom cabinet can make things just perfect.  But if you had that kind of cash you wouldn’t be interested in Okie’s so let’s see what we can do on a budget and still have nice cabinets.

There are many free online cabinet layout and design options.  Nearly all the big box stores have free layout  software online and  you can down load free software, even phone apps.  All we need is a drawing and a list of cabinet sizes. 

This  first one is quite easy and they seem to be selling leads to other cabinet companies so you will get some quotes too which is never a bad thing. 

The  IKEA kitchen planner is easy to do and you can create a free account to save your work and pick up on it again a few days later if needed.  Once you have the drawing like you wish just click on item list/total price to print out a list

Free online cabinet design

  • free but you have to give them contact info
  • most online “free” services sell leads to cabinet companies
  • you can always unsubscribe later
  • skills needed are minimal in most cases

The  Lowes room planner  is also easy to use and gives an item list but doesn’t appear to do pricing as it is just a general layout tool.  You can save and print drawings and lists with ease.

 This  one requires a free sign up for an account but it gives a parts list, does 3d modeling, and like the others you might get some emails or unrequested quotes.  This one is a bit more trouble to access, requires a sign up and downloading the free software.   This one is nice but it requires you to create an account.  There are many other free online and free downloadable software packages that can get you started.  All you really need is a floor plan of the room, have the windows and doors located and the measurements listed, and even some hand drawn sketches to get us started on what size cabinets you need.  If you just find this outside your area of expertise come in to our shop for a quick design and quote.  Have all your info together and your choices made so we can get the design done quickly.










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