November 2021 Supply shortage notice: The metal side drawer system we use on these Okies is in short supply and has tripled in price in the last year.  Until further notice a surcharge of $20.00 for each 3.25″ tall drawer slide side and a $35.00 surcharge for each deeper ones (6″ to 8″) is in effect.  This doesn’t affect sink bases as there are no drawers.  This is caused by the steel shortage and port congestion.

Microwave Below Cabinet

A microwave cabinet that is 12″ deep x 24″ wide x 31.75″ tall with a 16 1/2″ tall area for a small microwave.  Most microwaves are 15″ tall and can be deeper than the 11″ inside depth of this cabinet.  The back can be trimmed out for an additional 1″ depth.  Check the feet on the microwave to be sure that it sits on the cabinet deck.

There will need to be several inches on one side to allow for door crank as the door opens.  Slab door version is $147.27

Five part door, add $ 55.00


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Oven Cabinet Upper

This 30″ wide x 24″ deep x 17.875″ tall upper cabinet goes over the top of a standard double oven which sits on a 16 7/8″ tall single drawer cabinet.  That allows around 52.125″ for the double oven and the fillers needed.

 Most ovens require fillers at the bottom but they are rare.  Then you will need another filler at the top as both the top and bottom of a build in oven over hang the rough opening.  You can add fillers on the sides but they aren’t really needed.   MDF slab door version is $97.33

Five part door version, ,add $58.00

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Oven Cabinet Drawer

This is a base cabinet that sits on the floor for a double oven. 30″ wide x 12.875″ tall (on 4″ legs)  x 24″ deep.  On top of the 16.375″ tall drawer you will sit a 1.5″ tall filler with two 2 x 4’s sitting behind the filler to carry the weight of the oven. 

Use with the 17.875″ tall  oven cabinet upper to leave around 52.125″ opening for a double oven.  You will need two of the tall 85.75″ x 24.875″ end panels if both sides are visible or if it is up against a wall you can use one tall filler and one of the tall end panels.

There is one metal side drawer box included, MDF slab drawer front version is $102.56

Five part drawer front, add $30.00

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